"It had only been a month since coming out publicly as transgender when I was approached with this project. Anna's lyrics and the accompanying ethereal yet isolating music transported me back to the long days and sleepless nights I spent trying to better understand this part of myself. The song left me considering how far I had come, and what still lies ahead in my journey.

At its most simple level, the video tells a story of self-acceptance. My co-director, Robin Vada, helped tease out the most meaningful pieces of my own journey to self-acceptance, which had been a very lonely and introspective process. It was important for us to connect my experiences with those of other folx who struggled or continue to struggle with their gender identity. A music video was the perfect medium for presenting such an abstract concept."

- Co-Director Sarah Whelden



A journey into the mind of a trans woman as she struggles to embrace her inner self.

Lost in a battle with her own identity and stuck in a dead end job, Quinn wanders a dark and rainy alleyway. In this quiet break from the vicious cycle of her lonely life, Quinn closes her eyes and lets her guard down. Inside her mind is a woman, a dancer - graceful, spirited, confident - she is the embodiment of Quinn’s inner self. And there before Quinn, separating her from her true-self, stands a dark, cold, and empty wall. Quinn approaches the unbreakable wall with care, determined to find answers, while memories of the day to day come flooding in - reminders that it's time for a change. 

The narrative follows Quinn as she realizes that what she wants more than anything in the world is something that she already is.


"The glory of the question and the answer is the same."



Our greatest hope is that the video reaches a trans person somewhere in the world, who is struggling with hard questions within themself, who happens upon this video and recognizes themself in the story. Perhaps for the first time that person feels like they are not alone in their experience. 


​To that end, please share it far and wide!